June 14, 2011

mid century modern clothing

“Mid Century Modern” editorial in Vogue, April 2011, via The Stylist Site

So my last post was almost six days ago, and I left you hanging with some J.Crew pieces and not much original thought? My apologies readers. I hope this post makes up for it.

Acne resort 2012 from Style.com

Resort collection season is in full swing, and it seems a lot of the who’s who in the fashion crowd was impressed with Acne’s 2012 collection. The first thing I thought of when I viewed the collection was mid century modern. The subdued palette, clean lines, and no fuss silhouettes instantly reminded me of my favorite era. 

Vogue recently did an editorial with a few pieces paired against some modern architecture. I loved it, and it just goes along with what we’re seeing on the runway.

Charles Eames style chairs, a classic mid century modern piece of furniture from Emma’s blog

I recently have started collecting mid century modern furniture, and my chosen way to display pieces is to mix them up with other types of furniture, to avoid the “museum” feeling you can get by possessing a lot of antique pieces that look the same. The classic Eames chairs above look great with the modern farmhouse dining table shown, but they could look equally as cool with a more classic style of table.

How do you insert mid century modern into your lifestyle?

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